Are you not satisfied with your online purchase? Then you can return the product within the cooling-off period of 14 days. Is the product broken or incomplete? Then contact us.

Return Conditions

1. You must be able to assess the product to see if you want to keep it. For example, you can connect a product to power without making any adjustments to the cabling.

2. You may not completely secure the product with screws because this will cause traces of use on the screw holes.

3. You can open the package neatly, if the package is torn or missing, we can charge costs there.

4. You may not actually use the product if you do not yet know whether you are keeping it. We may request a reimbursement if it appears after a return that you have done something with the product that was not necessary to be able to assess it

5. You are responsible for the return, the costs are not covered by us.

How can you register a return?

1. We have set up an online return portal, where you can easily find your order with your order number and zip code and report return. Click here for the online return portal

2. Or you can print out a return form and then send it back with the product. Click here for the standard form.

Please note, do not forget to send an invoice or packing slip with your details. Otherwise we cannot find out who comes from the package.

After we have received and evaluated the products, we will transfer the purchase amount to the customer within 5 working days.

Return address

Company Name: Carpar | Address: Riddererf 7 | Postal code: 3861PT | City: Nijkerk | Country: the Netherlands